• Neighborhood Watch

  • Crime Prevention focuses on community members, with the local sheriff offices’ assistance, working hand in hand to ensure we remain living in a safe and vigilant neighborhood. We have regular meetings involving our committee members, who are volunteers to represent the neighborhood to increase safety and security for our homes of Cypress Trails.

    Our neighborhood watch members are:

    Marie Fulop

    Committee Chairperson

    Anthony "Tony" Nunziato

    Committee Member

    Joe Irek

    Committee Member

    Mark Gupton

    Committee Member

    NancyY Mortensen

    Committee Member

    Richard Stout

    Committee Member

    Debby Stout

    Committee Member


    Being proactive is the key, let’s not wait for something to happen before we are prepared. If you have any concerns, comments or just want to ask questions feel free to contact us at:

    WatchingCypressTrails2020@gmail.com or call Marie at 239-225-3624

  • Routine Patrol

    Our members are assigned specific streets to “patrol” throughout the community of Cypress Trails. Our members are willing to volunteer and be mobile, checking their areas of responsibility regularly. Knowing the “norm” is half the battle. We are a liaison between our community and law enforcement. Additionally, teaming with JSO allows us to have regular checks of our community by law enforcement officers, so we all know what our neighborhood looks like on a regular basis.

  • Out of Town Checks

    This program offers a variety of assistance to our community residents. Our members will conduct “out to town” home checks for our residents, which consists of keeping a watch on their home for flyers on doors, garbage cans left out, and any other suspicious activity. Our members can reach out to our residence if and when needed while away.

  • Advanced Technology

    With the advancement of technology, most residences have some form of residential monitoring. Our neighborhood watch committee can keep a list of residents who have cameras, ring doorbells, alarms, etc. When an incident does happen, we can assist JSO to find the answers needed to help our residents. This essentially can be like having a camera on every street corner. If we work together as a team, we can potentially combat any wrongdoings, keeping our neighborhood safe and less attractive to criminals.

  • Prevention Training

    JSO will bring in our community neighborhood watch officer to teach us crime prevention, provide us information about crime statistics in our area, and tell us what to “watch” our for. We will conduct meetings for our residents to explain fraud prevention and any other recommended areas of crime wanted. Bring in your ideas, and we will put them together to keep our residences and neighborhood as safe as possible.