• Architecture Review Board Submission

  • Any modifications to your property must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for approval PRIOR to any work or modifications being constructed on your property. Please allow two to four weeks for complete processing. Include a complete description, dimensions, style, type drawings, materials being used, colors, etc. The more information you can provide will help to expedite your application. Please be sure to attach a copy of your final boundary survey (if applicable) showing the location of improvement in relation to other structures and having lot lines marked. The survey should be marked with the X's plotting the location of fences.

    The ARC submission form can be downloaded HERE. Please be sure to review the ARC Manual before submitting it to understand all of the guidelines. If you have any questions before you submit your form, please contact Rich Horvath.

    Once the form is completed, please use the form to the right to submit to BCM.


    Step 1: Click the link above to open the form

    Step 2: Save form to your computer before entering any information

    Step 3: Fill out the form and save

    Step 4: Use the submission form to the right and attach the PDF along with other required documents.

  • ARC Submission