• Meetings

  • The Cypress Trails HOA holds two open meetings each year at Crosswater Hall and two at the Cypress Trails Pavilion. The date and time of the meeting will be posted to this website, sent to homeowners who have registered their email address with BCM, and signs will be posted at the community entrance. All homeowners are encouraged to attend these meetings.

    Cypress Trails HOA Open Meeting Guidelines:

    1. We encourage homeowners to attend the Open Meeting. The meeting will be conducted in a professional and efficient manner following the order on the agenda and using Robert’s Rules of Order.

    2. Homeowners -per the agenda, will be given a time at the end of the meeting to speak (for up to three minutes) after stating their name and residential address. (following Robert’s Rules of Order, the board is not obligated to respond to any questions or comments at that time.)

    3. Please be respectful when addressing the board. If homeowners become unprofessional or discourteous, then the board will promptly adjourn the meeting.

  • Scheduled HOA Meetings



    Scheduled HOA Meeting

    The next HOA meeting will be on November 5, 2020, at 7:00 PM at Crosswater Hall

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